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    17 Tips for Traveling with Your Significant Other

    Amos and I have spent every single day together since December 2017. That’s a year and a half that we’ve spent with each other 24/7. We’ve explored 60+ countries together and have made countless memories. A lot of you have asked how we’ve been able to do that without getting tired of each other. Believe me, it gets difficult at times. It gets rough sometimes, but I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world. Those rough moments have been worth every single memory that we’ve made together and I can’t imagine traveling with anyone else besides Amos. Traveling can really test a relationship. You learn more about your partner and…

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    7 Essential Tips to Travel Switzerland on a Budget

    In all of my travels, I have to say that Switzerland is one of the most beautiful and incredible countries I’ve visited. I had to pinch myself several times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. The lush, green rolling hills and the delicious chocolate had me mesmerized. However, the $17 burgers from McDonald’s and $8 cappuccinos left me a little shocked. There’s no surprise that Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. It’s easy to see why many travelers choose to visit this country when they’re older and ballin’ a little more. I had the same thought too but decided to just go for it because…

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    Top 11 Things to Know Before Traveling to Chile

    I was trying to organize all of the photos I have on my phone the other day… emphasis on trying. I have multiple shots of a photo and I was attempting to delete the shots I didn’t like. Long story short, I ended up frustrated and didn’t accomplish my mission. However, I landed on some gorgeous photos of Chile and reminisced about my time in this beautiful country. I honestly wasn’t having the best time in South America until I got to Chile. Simply put, Chile blew me away. The diverse landscapes, the European architecture and the friendly locals have me wanting to go back again and again. If you…

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    14 Essential Tips to Save Money on Your Next Cruise

    If you know me, you know I LOVE cruises. I love how easy and relaxing it is. I love the little towel animals that my room steward makes every night. Most importantly, I love being able to eat 24/7. I mean, who doesn’t love stuffing their face with unlimited desserts? I’ve been on two cruises this year. One was 12 days and the other was 34 days. Some of my friends are concerned that I broke the bank. Secret- I didn’t. It’s shocking, but hear me out. Cruising can actually be an affordable way to travel. Don’t believe me? Here are my top insider tips to help you save money…

  • 10 Common Excuses That Stop You from Traveling & How to Overcome Them
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    10 Common Excuses That Stop You from Traveling & How to Overcome Them

    Before I started traveling, I was the queen of excuses. I made excuses to not travel. I had a bucket list of the places that I wanted to see before I reached a certain age, but I never checked anything off of it. When New Year’s Day rolled around, I would be sad because I realized that I didn’t make any of my travel dreams come true that past year. Finally, Amos put his foot down and said that I needed to stop with the excuses. I didn’t have the choice but to finally put away my excuses for travel and to go for it. I haven’t looked back since.…