• Your Guide to Surviving a Budget Airline Flight
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    Your Guide to Surviving a Budget Airline Flight

    There are two kinds of people in this world: people who cringe at the thought of a budget airline flight and people who are up for the challenge to save to a few bucks. I’m kind of both. I cringe but then I get excited because I’m saving a few extra bucks to put towards food and coffee. Budget airlines have gotten a bad reputation, but they’re seriously not that bad. I’ve flown with budget carriers a lot during my travels and have survived every single one of those flights without losing my marbles. Kinda. If you’ve never flown with carriers such as Ryanair, AirAsia, Frontier, or easyJet, don’t let…

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    A Complete Guide to Creating a Travel Budget That Actually Works

    One of the most common questions that I get asked is, “How much money will I need to travel to X destination?” Well, that’s a complicated question and you’ll need a travel budget to determine that. It all depends on the cost of your flights, where you’re traveling to, what activities you have planned and more. When I tell them this, I usually get one of two responses: 1. I hear crickets chirping from the other end of my phone. 2. That sounds complicated so I’m out. I’m excited to share this post with you because I’m here to show you that budgeting for your trip isn’t as complicated as…

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    5 Ways to Achieve Financial Freedom so You Can Travel More

    If I had a dollar for each time someone asked me how I’m able to travel the way that I do, I would have enough money to buy a flight to Bermuda. That’s my not-so-subtle hint to my husband that I’m itching to go there next. Anyways, I usually have the same reply to everyone: we work our booties off to achieve financial freedom. I usually get one of two responses when I say the words “financial freedom.” I get some intense blank stares like I’m speaking Swahili. I also see some smiles like the person just got their big, fat juicy steak delivered to them after waiting an hour…

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    15 Signs That Being a Digital Nomad Is for You

    Do you want to ditch your cubicle to work in a coffee shop on the beach? Do you want to leave work early without owing your boss an explanation? This doesn’t have to remain a dream for you. More and more people are ditching the 9-5 to become location independent AKA a digital nomad. These people earn a living from their laptops from anywhere in the world. If you’re contemplating if the digital nomad lifestyle is right for you, read these fifteen signs to see if you’re cut out for this lifestyle. This post contains affiliate links to the products that I use and trust. This means that I might…

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    2019 New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers

    It’s hard to believe that 2019 is almost here. Time sure does fly by when you’re eating your way around the world. Most of us tend to set ambiguous goals like lose weight, save money and travel more. We usually don’t follow through on our resolutions because they’re so vague. I’m on a mission to help you actually achieve your travel goals for 2019. Here are some specific New Year’s resolutions for travelers. This post contains affiliate links to the products that I use and trust. This means that I might receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase using any of my…