• a photo of a glacier in chile and snow covered mountains
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    Top 11 Things to Know Before Traveling to Chile

    I was trying to organize all of the photos I have on my phone the other day… emphasis on trying. I have multiple shots of a photo and I was attempting to delete the shots I didn’t like. Long story short, I ended up frustrated and didn’t accomplish my mission. However, I landed on some gorgeous photos of Chile and reminisced about my time in this beautiful country. I honestly wasn’t having the best time in South America until I got to Chile. Simply put, Chile blew me away. The diverse landscapes, the European architecture and the friendly locals have me wanting to go back again and again. If you…

  • Destination Tips

    How to Cheaply and Easily Get to Uruguay from Buenos Aires

    We arrived in Buenos Aires a week ago from New Zealand. Guys, I’m still struggling with jetlag. We traveled back sixteen hours in time and I’m battling a cold. I feel like a zombie, but I also feel energized from all the empanadas and steak I’m eating. Despite feeling terrible, we decided to explore the nearby country of Uruguay. I realized that Uruguay is often overlooked by tourists visiting South America because it’s pretty pricey to fly in and out of. Want to know something exciting? You can go to Uruguay by ferry from Buenos Aires and that’s a much cheaper and quicker alternative. Add it to your list right…