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    Destination Tips

    10 Things You Must Do in Cape Town, South Africa

    Oh, Cape Town! Where do I even begin? I visited Cape Town for the first time a year ago and instantly fell in love. There’s just something about that city that captivates you. The scenery is truly the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. The locals are so friendly and welcoming. Don’t even get me started on the food and coffee. When people ask us what our favorite city is, we always answer “Cape Town.” We actually packed our bags and moved to Cape Town for three months not too long ago. That’s how much I adore this city. If you’re heading to Cape Town soon, here are ten things…

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    Travel Tips

    17 Tips for Traveling with Your Significant Other

    Amos and I have spent every single day together since December 2017. That’s a year and a half that we’ve spent with each other 24/7. We’ve explored 60+ countries together and have made countless memories. A lot of you have asked how we’ve been able to do that without getting tired of each other. Believe me, it gets difficult at times. It gets rough sometimes, but I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world. Those rough moments have been worth every single memory that we’ve made together and I can’t imagine traveling with anyone else besides Amos. Traveling can really test a relationship. You learn more about your partner and…

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    15 Practical Gift Ideas for Travelers

    The Holidays are here and you’re probably thinking about gift ideas for travelers in your life. It was right around Christmastime when I told my friends and family that I was leaving in a few days to travel the world. They were confused about what they should get me for Christmas before I left for my trip. I know they’re not the only ones who feel confused about gift ideas for travelers. For this reason, I made a list of gift ideas to help you. Don’t limit this list just to Christmas because you can use this list any time you need gift ideas for your traveler. Also, some of…

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    How I Gained My Desire to Travel

    A lot of you have been asking me how I got started traveling. Let’s backtrack a little, friends. I hope you have your snacks and drink of choice ready because we are going way back in time. I was born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi. I lived there for about twelve years until my parents decided to move to Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Tahle-whattt? It’s pronounced TAH-LEH-KWAH. Also, you can take a girl out of Mississippi but you can’t take Mississippi out of a girl. Anyways, I graduated in 2010 from Tahlequah High School and went to Oklahoma State University for college. GO POKES!! I met the love of my life during…