• a photo of a glacier in chile and snow covered mountains
    Destination Tips

    Top 11 Things to Know Before Traveling to Chile

    I was trying to organize all of the photos I have on my phone the other day… emphasis on trying. I have multiple shots of a photo and I was attempting to delete the shots I didn’t like. Long story short, I ended up frustrated and didn’t accomplish my mission. However, I landed on some gorgeous photos of Chile and reminisced about my time in this beautiful country. I honestly wasn’t having the best time in South America until I got to Chile. Simply put, Chile blew me away. The diverse landscapes, the European architecture and the friendly locals have me wanting to go back again and again. If you…

  • photo of a cruise ship
    Travel Tips

    14 Essential Tips to Save Money on Your Next Cruise

    If you know me, you know I LOVE cruises. I love how easy and relaxing it is. I love the little towel animals that my room steward makes every night. Most importantly, I love being able to eat 24/7. I mean, who doesn’t love stuffing their face with unlimited desserts? I’ve been on two cruises this year. One was 12 days and the other was 34 days. Some of my friends are concerned that I broke the bank. Secret- I didn’t. It’s shocking, but hear me out. Cruising can actually be an affordable way to travel. Don’t believe me? Here are my top insider tips to help you save money…

  • Your Guide to Surviving a Budget Airline Flight
    Travel Tips

    Your Guide to Surviving a Budget Airline Flight

    There are two kinds of people in this world: people who cringe at the thought of a budget airline flight and people who are up for the challenge to save to a few bucks. I’m kind of both. I cringe but then I get excited because I’m saving a few extra bucks to put towards food and coffee. Budget airlines have gotten a bad reputation, but they’re seriously not that bad. I’ve flown with budget carriers a lot during my travels and have survived every single one of those flights without losing my marbles. Kinda. If you’ve never flown with carriers such as Ryanair, AirAsia, Frontier, or easyJet, don’t let…

  • travel budget planning
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    A Complete Guide to Creating a Travel Budget That Actually Works

    One of the most common questions that I get asked is, “How much money will I need to travel to X destination?” Well, that’s a complicated question and you’ll need a travel budget to determine that. It all depends on the cost of your flights, where you’re traveling to, what activities you have planned and more. When I tell them this, I usually get one of two responses: 1. I hear crickets chirping from the other end of my phone. 2. That sounds complicated so I’m out. I’m excited to share this post with you because I’m here to show you that budgeting for your trip isn’t as complicated as…

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    Tips for First Time International Travelers

    Your first international trip is happening! You’re finally going to jump on that plane and explore a new country! Going on your first trip abroad is thrilling. However, it can also be overwhelming and nerve-racking. What do I pack? Do I need a visa? Do I need vaccines? How do I book my airfare? I’m sure you have a general idea of all the sights you want to see and the delicious food you want to indulge in. In reality, planning the logistics of your trip requires thorough research. So, who do you trust to help you with the ins and outs of your first international trip? Hopefully, your answer…