PROLOGUE: Writing about dead fish makes me miss the first fish I ever had—Oscar. I got him when I was six. He was looking a little lonely and he needed a hug from me. I took him out of the tank to hug him and he died. Don’t judge. I was six. Be right back… gotta take a few minutes to get over this.

I was on a mission yesterday to find this Mexican restaurant in Split that everyone was raving about. I was strolling down the street with enchiladas on my mind when I saw a wall with graffiti on it that said, “Only dead fish go with the flow.”

I read it and I froze. The thought of warm, cheesy enchiladas vanished. I was perplexed by the meaning of this quote. How many times do we hear the phrase, “Go with the flow?” SO MANY TIMES. If you hate your job, your friends and family tell you to go with the flow. If you’re having issues with your spouse, your friends and family tell you to go with the flow.

This is the worst advice you can receive and the worst advice you can give to someone. Rather than taking action to change the things that aren’t going your way, you’re being told to just go with it in hopes of the situation changing on its own. Newsflash—situations don’t change themselves! YOU have the change the situation.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably alive. If you’re reading this and you’re not alive, that’s really spooky and you should go get checked out. Anyhow—if you’re alive, you have the capability to change your circumstances. Ignore the flow. Don’t be a dead fish. Have a mission. Set some goals. Make a plan. Crush that plan.

What are you going along the flow with and what will you do to alter that flow?

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  1. Street art is my absolute FAVORITE! I love finding things like this. Great post, and I will never use “go with the flow” ever again now…not that I think I usually use it, but now I for sure wont! XOXO

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