A lot of you have been asking me how I got started traveling. Let’s backtrack a little, friends. I hope you have your snacks and drink of choice ready because we are going way back in time.

I was born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi. I lived there for about twelve years until my parents decided to move to Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Tahle-whattt? It’s pronounced TAH-LEH-KWAH. Also, you can take a girl out of Mississippi but you can’t take Mississippi out of a girl. Anyways, I graduated in 2010 from Tahlequah High School and went to Oklahoma State University for college. GO POKES!! I met the love of my life during college–Amos. Amos and I got married in December of 2015. I was always a little bitter towards my parents for moving us to Oklahoma, but I’m thankful that they did because I met Amos. 

I graduated college in May of 2014 and Amos started college at the University of Oklahoma in August of 2014. I’m still sad that he went to OU but I still love him anyways. My first job after graduating college was recruiting for private colleges. Truth be told, I hated it. I decided that it was time for a change. I then started working for an insurance company. I liked my job and I loved my coworkers. However, something was missing in my life. I felt like I was lacking adventure. I felt like I needed some freedom from the corporate world to truly discover who I was. You guessed it–I quit that job too.

When I quit that job, Amos was getting ready to graduate college. He pursued a few opportunities with several companies but was unable to find a job that he would truly enjoy doing. He didn’t want to settle because he was already running his contracting company and didn’t need to rush to a decision about a career. We’ll talk more about this contracting company in a later post. 

When that happened, we started exploring other options. The first thing that came to mind was to travel the world. No lie… I was pretty terrified when he threw that option out there. This man had already traveled to 30 countries before he met me and he visited five of the top ten most dangerous countries in the world. *jaw drop* There was nothing in my soul that made me want to travel the world as audaciously as he did. After a few days worth of panic attacks, he calmed me down and talked me through the scenario. I realized that this was something that I just needed to do. I didn’t want to be 50 years old and wonder how different my life would have been if I had taken the time to travel. I knew that as long as I was with Amos, I would be safe. Sometimes he likes to do unsafe things like walk down sketchy alleyways at night, but he keeps me safe for the most part.

Fast forward a few months and here we are in Europe. We went to Southeast Asia in December and backpacked through there for about two and a half months. Several of you have asked if I am going to backtrack and talk about the countries I have already been to. The answer is YES! I’ll start with those recaps in a few posts from now. Before I get deep into telling you about my travels, I want to give you some warnings. I am living out of one backpack for a year. I packed a few leggings, a few t-shirts, and a few Nike shorts. I’m not that girl who travels the world in style. The cute clothes I wanted to bring weigh more than my workout clothes and I have to abide by the carry on luggage weight rules. No, I’m not going to check my bag in because I don’t want to wait an hour to get it. One more thing–all of the photos I take and post are taken on my iPhone. I don’t have one of those nice cameras that take high-quality, beautiful photos. Again, that’s extra weight and another liability to carry around for a year. 

I want to portray the world to you in a different way. I know you probably follow many Instagram and Facebook world travelers. Their photos are so beautifully edited and I admire that so much. There’s nothing wrong with that. The photos I share with you will probably never be edited that nicely. I may look like I haven’t showered in a few days and that I haven’t brushed my hair in a few days. I may have sweat dripping down my face. I may have stains on my shirt because I’m a clumsy eater. Note to self: start carrying around a bib or start tucking a napkin into my shirt. I want my photos to be raw and exactly what you would see if you went there. I don’t want to take away from the natural and raw beauty of these destinations and I want to honestly show you what I look like at that very moment.

Now that some of the housekeeping is done, I look forward to sharing my journeys with you!

About Author

Disha is a travel and lifestyle blogger who has visited 85+ countries with South Africa and the Maldives being her favorites. She gets butterflies sharing her travel and life experiences through words. She loves freedom, sunflowers, and long walks on the beach with her husband. She's obsessed with helping others live a life they don't have to escape from. Lastly, she makes travel more accessible and attainable for others.

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  1. Oh, my beautiful, talented, funny and wonderful daughter. You nailed it. Good blog, my dear! Now, go hug the boy for me, wherever you are in the world, today! See ya soon. I love you! Dad

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